April 2021


Greetings Saints!

Doesn’t that verse thrill your soul! You can feel the goosebumps that must have run through their souls when the angels said, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen!” (Luke 24:5-6) Hallelujah! And herein lies our whole hope. We do not serve a dead god but a living God! Who came for us, who made a way for us into the Holy of holies, who did for us what we could not do for ourselves. He redeemed us from every imaginable snare. Made a way for us to be set free from anything that could possibly entangle us and keep us from reaching Him. This is why we are without excuse. If we were still responsible for offering a sacrifice for our sins we could say, I have no transportation to get to the temple, my flight was canceled because of Covid. Or, until my stimulus check comes, I just can’t afford a lamb. And then when it does come, we could say, well so many other bills were due, there just wasn’t enough left over to pay for the sacrificial animal. Or, every time I go to the temple that priest is so arrogant and rude to me, I’ll never step into that place again, they’re a bunch of hypocrites. But because He is risen, we are without excuse. As my pastor said this past Sunday, our High Priest is already in heaven! The sacrifice that ended all sacrifices has been made! We don’t have to wait until we’re righteous enough, we simply have to accept His Righteousness. The highest priest could only enter into the Presence of God once a year, that’s how Holy He was and still is. His Holiness has not changed or diminished. He humbled Himself for our sake & said He will forego the honor He is worthy of anytime anyone enters into His Presence and will accept us coming to Him in arrogance and with accusations when we feel He has not held up His end of the deal. He is the same Holy God. After our pastor’s sermon yesterday on Hebrews 9, I’ve really been awestruck by how amazing it is that we can come before God as often as we want to. How great the moment was when the veil was torn in two!

This picture was taken this past Sunday down at Friemann Square. The woman I’m talking to was very tearful, has a lot of anxiety and fear. Her and her husband are living in someone’s basement. Her husband is not a Christian and she has a lot of mental and physical issues. I’m going to pick her up and spend some time with her this week. I don’t think it was quite 7am at this point, so not very many people had shown up yet. We had an awesome service with great worship even though we got sprinkled on and the wind picked up to the point that volunteers had to hold down each leg of the tent. We should have been singing, I’ll Fly away! The man who gave the message was speaking about how great and awesome the whole universe is and how God created it and how His whole Word is true. He said if you don’t like the truth in the Word and want to create your own truth, then create your own universe! J Good word!

Here’s the side view of one of our new 10 x 20 tents. We only put up one since it was in the 40s & we didn’t need the heaters, but it was certainly great to have this over the food when it started raining!

As I’ve mentioned Pam Harvey and myself have been going to a women’s shelter and a women’s halfway house (for women in recovery from addiction) and have been doing crafts with them. We’ve done crocheting, made jewelry, and now we’re painting rocks. This rock was painted by one of the women at

the shelter! She did it in just under 2 hours. She first drew it in pencil on the rock then set out painting. When we see a homeless person, we so often don’t consider their talents and abilities. Four of the homeless guys just helped me move 10 days ago. After moving my stuff in, they then went with me somewhere else to pick up furniture that was given to me. These guys moved couches, love seat, recliner, dining room table and chairs, after already moving in my bedroom furniture and personal things, as well as a ton of ministry stuff; books, paperwork, folding tables, tent, and coffee pots, slow cookers, its a lot! And they did it without complaint. They were such a blessing! Two of them are coming over this week to help me with a few other things around here. A homeless guy who lives in a tent, came up to me Saturday when we took the food downtown and brought me a bag of utensils for my kitchen since he’d heard I had just moved. In it was a strainer, a meat thermometer, a hand potato masher, whisk, serving spoons, all kinds of stuff. He’d found them in an alley where they’d been thrown out. I have no qualms about where they came from. I put them in the sink, washed them up & put them in the drawer! What a great family!

Jesus made the way for everyone of these to come to the throne, into the Holy of holies. We have the privilege of leading the way if they don’t already know, or of reminding them that the door is still open. I’ve been waiting since yesterday for a woman who’s trying to get off drugs to come here. She says she wants to leave her boyfriend and get clean. She keeps texting saying it’ll be just a little while and she’ll try to leave. I offered to go get her and then she told me to wait, that she’ll make it here. Even though I don’t want to put her name in here, please pray for her, that she’ll accept the sacrifice that was made for her freedom.

I’ve moved into the downstairs of a duplex that’s in a great location for ministry. I’m less than a mile from downtown where we have our Sunday morning outside service, and there’s a church a few houses from me that fixes bicycles for the homeless. The women’s shelter we go into on Thursdays is ½ mile from me to the south and there’s 2 other women’s halfway houses even closer than that to me! I’m praying the Lord will use this place to bless His Name! That it will be a place to have these women over for coffee, prayer, and a good time of soaking in the Lord.

Thank you so much for your contributions to all that we do. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for being family. May the Lord bless you as you enjoy this Resurrection Sunday. Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!

Your sister in Jesus,