August 2020

Hello Saints!

Blessing and glory and wisdom, thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever! Amen! (Rev 7:12) He is Lord. He has not abandoned the throne and He is worthy of our praise!  We all know the scripture about abiding in Him but how great it is to revisit it and dwell on it. Let it sink into your spirit. When we abide in Him, we are in the shelter of the Most High. While meditating and praying into this, I had a picture of a vein deep in the tissue. That vein abides. It is completely protected on all sides while it delivers life-giving blood to the rest of the body. It doesn’t fear attack or fear the unknown, because it is surrounded. It feels the heartbeat of the one it is dependent on with each surge of blood. Can you imagine abiding in the Father like that! That thought transported me completely this morning! It’s totally transforming to see yourself abiding so deep in His presence.

To apply it to our purpose; the people we see who need Jesus are the parts of our body that are suffering an attack from something that was sent to destroy the body. We are the vein that can carry life-giving blood to them. Just as we are dependent on our own veins carrying healthy blood to the diseased parts of our body, needing them to fulfill their role when we are suffering from a sickness, so is the purpose of the body of Christ. There is no other way people can get the life saving blood that was shed to bring the healing they need than through us, the branches. Just think what would happen if when a disease hit our body, if all our veins rolled up and hid trying to protect only themselves, we would surely die instantly. Don’t let fear cause you to roll up during this time, abide in the Father. There’s good reason why the bible says to “Be strong and courageous.” We have a covering. We have a Heart supplying blood to us that will never dry up. We were remade to be vessels of honor and we were remade by the blood! The world needs what we have. Each of us allowing the blood of Christ to flow through us can heal many. Each of us lifting our voices in worship can change the atmosphere. I believe we need to be informed but we also have to balance what we hear with what we know about our Father. What the Word says. Who we believe Jesus is. Why He sent the Holy Spirit. “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” You know what He brought to my remembrance this morning? “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me.” The simple gospel.  In the midst of all the news we are hearing and you don’t know what to believe, Jesus says He is the Truth. When you’re struggling to make decisions about how to prepare for the future, Jesus says He is the Way. When you don’t know if you should gather together or how to gather, because you don’t want to become sick or anyone else to become ill, Jesus says He is the Life.

I was thinking of going downtown to the park where the homeless are with a cooler of bottled water sometime this week, and one part of me says, what good will it do, they’ll drink it and later they’ll be thirsty again. Plus it’s so much more bothersome trying to have a conversation through a mask. Certainly the Father understands that. Then the Holy Spirit brought this scripture to my remembrance, “No one comes to the Father, except through Me.” No matter if they understand the true purpose of why I’m bringing the water, if they want to engage in conversation or not, there’s a life-saving blood that they can only receive through Jesus. I should at least offer it.

I have to tell you how my Alabama trip ended! It was phenomenal! On Friday, July 3rd, I was walking through the streets of the neighborhood I’d been witnessing in for the past few weeks, for almost an hour praying. Usually when I did that, I would stop and talk to people and ask if they wanted prayer but that morning the Lord prompted me to stay silent and just walk & pray. As I was approaching my car to leave the neighborhood, I noticed a little yellow house down the street and the Lord said, “Take flowers to my daughter.”

I went and got a vase and flowers and returned that afternoon. As I got out of the car, a man came out on the porch. I told him that as I was walking & praying that morning, the Lord told me to bring flowers to His daughter. The man opened the screen door and said, “Come in and you’ll see why you’re here.” As I went through the door, there was a hospital bed in the living room with his wife in it. She can’t speak or walk and what I found out later was that she had a stroke 3 ½ yrs ago. I told her she was the Lord’s daughter and that He had sent her flowers. She got a big smile on her face and nodded her head. I asked the man if I could pray for her and he said yes. Her name is Ella. His name is Ebner. After praying, I left right away. I was honestly so overcome with emotion I could hardly speak. The only One Who knew that woman needed to hear from God was Him. She can’t tell anyone else. He is incredibly amazing! God hears our heart!

Dan and Fern Utz went to Ebner’s house with me on Sunday afternoon (July 5th) at 2 pm.  Ebner had his grandson and another lady come over. As Dan played the guitar, the 6 of us had church for almost 2 hrs around Ms. Ella’s bed, I should say the 7 of us, because I know Ms. Ella was having church too! The Presence of the Lord was in that place. We met family we never knew we had and we had a glorious time worshiping the Lord together. Ebner told us he has been waiting all this time for someone to come and pray over his wife, and he said he’d told his grandson several times that someone should come there and have church. He said he never thought the Lord would send someone who wasn’t his color. (He was too polite to say he never thought the Lord would send white people.) I told him maybe the Lord didn’t know we were different.

I left to come home the next morning. There is no better finale for a trip than to experience God in such an awesome and powerful way. Ebner used to be an evangelist. He said the morning I showed up, he was really down but when I came with those flowers he knew then that God was going to do something in their situation. Sunday afternoon before we left he was shouting and praising the Lord, like a new fire had just been lit in the furnace! He has no doubt that God is going to raise Ms. Ella up out of that bed.

I can’t tell you how many times I have shared this story in the last few weeks. It amazes me over and over again. Every time I think of it, I fall more in love with God. You will never be in a place where God cannot hear you. You will never have to do anything to earn God’s love. Ms. Ella can’t do a single thing to make herself worthy of a visit from God, but He chose to let her know He sees her and her cries have not gone unheard by Him.

How great is our God. How awesome is His love. Abide in it. Dwell in it. Let if fill you richly.

Your sister in Jesus!