June 2020

Hello Saints!

                    How was your Pentecost Sunday? I would love to know what the Lord is saying to you during this season. If you have something you’d like to share in the newsletter, please send it to me and I will be sure to include it. We need to stir one another up! Whatever it is, a dream, a divine encounter, a word from the Lord, let’s hear it and celebrate His goodness together! During our “lockdown” the Lord arranged for me to go into a physician’s office and do some part-time typing work in the records department. We set it up, so that instead of paying me personally, the physician’s office direct deposited all my earnings directly into the Gone Fishing Ministry account. I considered it my service unto the Lord. This all started a few weeks before the lockdown, so we didn’t even know what was about to happen. During that time, quite naturally, our donations went down, (which was appropriate because we needed less since we were not going into prisons) but the Lord had already made a way to sustain the ministry and the physicians office never closed the entire time. The same week the lockdown was being lifted, the work there was caught up and I was finished with them. That week our donations went back to normal! How incredible is God! During that time, we increased our feeding to the homeless and we never lacked!

Something else God did during that time, was one morning when I had to be at the office at 8am, at 7am during my prayer time, the Lord told me to quit praying and immediately go to that office and pray with a woman. He showed me her face, and I said “please Lord, prepare her for this.” If she was a Christian, she was keeping it top secret.  She worked in a different room than I, but this woman definitely liked colorful language.  One day I had even thought, “Lord, let someone else tell her about Jesus.” She was already there when I got to the office, but since I was so early, no one else was in the room I worked in. I asked if she could come in there for a minute. When I told her the Lord told me to come pray with her, her eyes filled with tears and she asked if she could hug me. After we prayed, she said while driving to work and listening to a group called “Poison”, she asked God to give her a reason to believe in Him!  He heard her!  Now rest assured, this is no boasting on my part.  I was shaking in my boots when I asked her to come in that room. But one thing I have found out about the Lord is, He doesn’t care if it wracks our nerves.J It definitely teaches us that our confidence is not in ourselves, but in Him. So the next time you feel the Lord is nudging you towards someone, and you’re certain they are not the type of person who’d want to hear from the Lord, just go and trust Him to finish what He starts, whether you see a good result or not.

I’m in the process of looking for a small SUV.  Dad’s van is on its last leg, and I need something larger than a car because of the amount of ministry supplies I often carry, as well as transporting people. Yesterday I felt I was to drive about 20 miles to Decatur, Indiana and look there. I drove into a lot, talked with a man, test drove a car, but didn’t have peace about it. However, after driving away, I asked God what he would say to that man. Immediately some words popped into my head. He’d given me his cell number on the card (the car guy, not God). So this morning I texted him to let him know I would not be getting the vehicle, but told him I’d prayed for him and the words, TRUST GOD, had popped into my head in huge letters. He texted back and thanked me for letting him know I wasn’t going to get it and never mentioned anything else. Do I feel embarrassed or wonder what he thinks of me? Not at all. He seen the words, just the way God wanted him to see them, and now I can “Trust God” to do what He wants to do in that man’s heart.

God wants to move, He wants people to know Him, to know His love for them, to be set free and to walk in the fullness of what He has for them.  Picture the Holy Spirit spontaneously causing people to break out praising the Lord, individually, in small groups, in big groups, all over the world. Think of what that would sound like in heaven! If we move in the small things He asks us to do, we’ll all be setting off little sparks of His Glory until one big spontaneous combustion might happen and burst into the atmosphere! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

At the beginning of this week, I had a horrible nightmare about hell. I woke up so terrified that I turned my light on and left it on for 3 hours. I honestly thought I would never sleep in the dark again. I began reading the word out loud, then with the bible laying open on my bed, began listening to faith scriptures on my phone. I found one link that played for 3 ½ hours and fell asleep to it. What a comfort God’s word is! I’m not going to tell you the dream, because I promised myself I will never write it down, I don’t even want to see the words that describe it. The feeling that most stood out to me was the absence of God and abject terror.  I actually had to look up the word “abject” because that was what came to my mind and sure enough it means “something bad experienced to the maximum degree”. I was rebuking satan that night and confounded as to how he was able to slip into my dreams like that. The next day I shared it with a pastor and his wife. She said it wasn’t from satan but from God. She said she has been waking up crying for the lost and that God wants us to realize the reality of where they are going and that it’s eternal and it’s urgent.

Last night there was rioting in our downtown area. My roommate is a photographer and wanted to take pictures, so off we went. We learned a huge lesson. You cannot control what will happen during a riot! You think you can stay in a safe place until the police turn and start shooting tear gas in your direction! Mind you, it was necessary on their part, and in no way were the police out of line, at that point they can’t tell who is for them and who is against them. My reading this morning was Ezekiel chapters 8 and 9. What a word! It was a display in black and white of what is going in our country. Heartbreaking. I sobbed as I prayed for our city. Shortly after praying, it was with a very heavy heart that I left the house to go down and feed the homeless. Once we walked into the park, the same park where all the drama took place last night, (I wish I could give you a huge dramatic pause right here…..) God showed up!!! It was phenomenal! The conversations were great. His love was great. His peace was all over the place! My morning ended with an encounter with a young homeless veteran, who is super intelligent, physics intelligent, who has done the research and decided God cannot exist. When He said that, such joy filled my heart as I told him about this wonderful awesome God who has changed my life.  I told him I don’t need to prove God to Him because God is big enough to defend Himself. As we were leaving I told him I’d be praying for God to reveal Himself to him. He thanked me and said he’d appreciate my prayers. Hmmm… why would someone appreciate prayers who does not believe in the God who can answer them? Because in his heart he absolutely believes! Whoo Hoo!!!!

I love God!!!! I love His faithfulness! No matter that last night was filled with tear gas, windows being shattered, property being destroyed, an atmosphere of chaos and destruction, His mercies are new every morning! Thank You God for the morning! Thank You for Your glory! Thank You for Your light that can never be diminished! Thank You for a love that is contagious and that keeps reaching out to those You want to draw close to You. This is why we sing! It’s why we have hope! Because He lives!!! “For in Him, we live and move and have our being!” None of this is too much for Him. When all the raging stops, He remains unshaken, unmovable, with arms open, ready to receive us to Himself.

My heart is so excited for this season. So, again, if you have any stories, please send them to us. I’m always telling you what I’m hearing, what we’re doing, but what is God telling you? We’re family, one mind, one accord, led by the same Spirit. What you’re doing, seeing, hearing, is valuable and we’d love to know about it.

“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them, for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave nor forsake you.” (Just a side note, if they have tear gas, even though we’re told not to fear, be cautious. J)

Be blessed and embrace His presence! Soak in it! Bask in it! Dance in it!!!

Your sister in Jesus – Pam