June 21, 2017

This morning I was reflecting on something unique God had just done for two friends of mine. They’ve recently moved into their own trailer, which is quite an accomplishment from where they were 2 years ago when they were lost in their addiction. Jesus has totally changed their lives. A king-sized bed frame had been left in this trailer by the previous owner so they put wooden slats across the frame and laid their queen size mattress and box springs on it. Last week someone called a woman in my church who is a friend of theirs and said she had a king-sized mattress and box springs if anyone needed it. A few days later this couple was moving it into their home. As I was thinking this morning how great God is it dawned on me that He gives King-sized gifts! A few hours later I was pulling a case of candy bars out of my ministry closet that we’re going to be taking into the Madison Women’s Prison this weekend. I hadn’t actually opened the boxes and looked at the candy bars and thought maybe I should so I’d know exactly what we had. To my delight the candy bars are King-sized!