May 2021

Hello Saints!

Our God, hands down, is the most holy One, the most worthy One, and the uttermost faithful One in the whole universe and beyond! I pray this song, Great is Thy Faithfulness is stuck in your head for days!!!

So much has happened this month! Remember the woman I asked you to pray about that I was waiting on to come here? She came. She was sick the whole first day. The second day she seemed to be a little better but not quite steady. On the third day, she got up, seemed to be ready for a fresh start, was looking forward to the day. I went to the store to get some things she’d asked for. It took a little longer than I thought because someone else had asked me to pick them up and take them to the store also. By the time I got back, she had packed her things and went back to her boyfriend, that she’d just escaped from. The next day she was texting telling me she’d made a mistake and could she come back. I said no. I didn’t want to start a revolving door service, where someone can come here, get clean for a few days, go back to using and come back when the drugs are gone and they need a place to crash until they can figure out how to get more money to do the same thing again. It felt like failure. Since I wouldn’t take her, she went inpatient to a rehab facility and after more than a week of detoxing, she was accepted back into the halfway house I had first met her at and now I’m getting to see her every Tuesday again when we go there to do crafts. She has since thanked me for not letting her come back. The Lord is doing a marvelous work in her. She normally is constantly moving her legs back and forth with anxious energy. Yesterday when we went to do crafts, there was a peace over her. She made me a beautiful picture of seashells in the sand with a flower as the sun in the upper corner and birds in the sky. So beautiful! Thank you for praying! The Lord answered our prayers! And we’re seeing this over and over again right now! Keep pressing in! Keep waving the banner. Our Rescuer sees and is actively on the move!

She left here on a Wednesday. The next Wednesday, a homeless man slept on my couch one night. He was one of the ones who helped move me in here. I prayed about it first and definitely sought the Lords advice. My first answer was NO. Then about 20 minutes later after talking to the Lord, I texted the person back who had asked me if he could come here and said okay. He left the next morning before I got up.

The Next Wednesday, another woman came from yet another shelter! She stayed 10 days. She was a joy to have here. She loved the Lord so much!  We prayed together, and spent hours rejoicing in His goodness as we shared the things He has done for us. What a delight! She then moved into the house of the woman who let me share her house for a year and a half after I came back from Alabama at the beginning of 2019, so her story continues…. J

This past Sunday as I was getting ready at 6 a.m. to go to the outside service, a spasm went off in a my back that took my breath away and bent me over. There was no standing, no walking, no going anywhere. I crawled into bed and it was 7 hours before I could get up. It honestly felt like a 911 emergency. I wanted to call everyone! But I told the Lord I wasn’t calling anyone but Him. A little over an hour later, my dear friend Naomi, who has never called me at 7:17 a.m. on a Sunday morning, called me. Tears just rolled down my face, (I was so relieved there would be someone to find my body J, have you ever felt like that?) The Lord had her call me to pray with me and to let me know He seen me and would not forsake me. I love Him so much!


Dad always said, “You can’t lose with the stuff we use.” God will always come through for us. Throughout the morning as I laid there, I was thinking of all the places I was going to have to notify to cancel everything for the week. Then I realized, even though I was in pain and couldn’t get up, that if I started canceling everything, I wasn’t even giving God a chance to move. That afternoon a woman at a shelter, where everything was going wrong, texted me. Her and another girl couldn’t take the confusion that had been going on there for more than a week and asked could I please come get them so they could go put a tent up somewhere and sleep outside where they could have peace and feel safer than they felt at that shelter. I told her I couldn’t come right them but that I would come the next day, even if I had to come in my pajamas. The next day as I moved about cautiously, I was grateful to be upright. I did go get her and not in my pj’s. The other one came yesterday. One of them is on a blow up mattress and the other on the couch. And by yesterday, two days after being unable to walk, I took the two of them up to Auburn with me, where we met Pam Harvey, and did crafts with the ladies from Grace House. I had no symptoms whatsoever! My biggest concern was getting the supplies out to the car and the Lord sent me not one, but two helpers who carried everything for me!

I only wanted to relay this to you to let you know that in the midst of glorifying the goodness of God, in doing everything we think is right, in believing with all our hearts that He is Who He says He is, we still have days full of tears and pain that seem unexplainable. But the Hope never disappears. How horrible it would be to go through those things with no hope. And when He shows up….oh my goodness, is there anything greater?!!!!! Today in my prayer time my heart was twirling and dancing and leaping!

I honestly have never seen myself as one bringing people into my home, especially in an apartment where the rooms are a little closer than in a house, but this is a new season. When I first moved in here, I kept asking the Lord, “All this space just for me?” It seemed huge! It gets a little smaller when you add people into it, but just like when the Israelites left Egypt the Lord gave them all kinds of material treasures, just so they could give it back to him in the desert to build the Tabernacle, so I think He gave me all this space just so I could give it back to Him.

I can’t tell you how blessed and honored I am to be a part of the family of God. So many people on our mailing list have been hands on in our ministry that it’s amazing to me. It’s not just a mailing list, it’s a family tree. We’re all grafted into this One Branch, this beautiful olive tree, Whose oil flows out through each of us. Never, ever, ever, would I have thought there would be so many people that I love who love me back! Who would have thought that your life is better with people in it! Who came up with this crazy idea of making us family and being in community???? The King of Glory, that’s Who!!! And we get to do this for eternity! Its only going to get better! We get to rejoice with one another in His Presence over His goodness and be floored by His excellence! What a mighty God we serve!

May His love and His peace and His joy wash over you in waves of refreshing!

Your sister in Jesus,