Swinging with Jesus

June 20, 2017; Have you had one of those moments when you’ve been worshiping and Jesus has unexpectedly showed up and overwhelmed you with His Presence? It is so awesome! This morning with some worship music playing I was telling God how much I loved Him and just loving being with Him, when all of a sudden I felt as if I was on a swing with Jesus! It was a like a porch swing that was hanging outside in a park with trees all around us. I started crying uncontrollably. It was so comforting and peaceful, like finally I had made it beside Him and all this was over. Such relief came flooding through me that it was overwhelming. I was thanking Him for coming for me, pouring out all my gratitude. This whole life, all our struggles, every part of us that fights against doing what is right, is only because He is trying sooo hard to get us to where we can finally get to that place of peace with Him. In that moment it became so clear to me that everything He wants for us is good. His Word, doing what it says, not taking offense, forgiving others, lending to those who will not pay back, dying to the flesh, is all so we can make it there and get on that swing with Him. He wants to give us all the things we long for; peace, joy, happiness, security. Nothing on this earth is worth missing that moment with Him.

swingin with Jesus